(USA) Asset Protection Associate - All DC/FC (2024)


Work Shift Description: 0500-1730 SA SU MO 30L

Descripción del turno de trabajo: 0500-1730 S D L 30L

Various schedules may be available and the details will be discussed during the interview process.

Position Summary...

What you'll do...

Asset Protection & Security Possesses knowledge of: Asset protection policies, practices, and guidelines; environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Supports facility security staff. Monitors and maintains access control equipment.

Employee Health and Safety Possesses knowledge of: OSHA guidelines; compliance, safety, and food safety auditing processes; regulatory inspection processes; emergency evacuations plans. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Accesses organizational resources to address the different types of business-specific health and safety hazards. Supports the implementation of relevant industry-specific and OSHA guidelines. Highlights business risks associated with employee health and safety issues to facility management. Addresses employee health and safety issues within assigned scope of responsibility. Maintains a directory of the names and locations of emergency response personnel. Summons emergency services as necessary. Conducts compliance, safety, and food safety audits and reviews. Conducts daily audits of buildings and food safety audits. Creates audit reports. Acts as an associate interface for worker's compensation issues. Obtain necessary records. Analyzes and reports the types of claims that may require settlement.

Partnership & Collaboration Possesses knowledge of: Stakeholder identification; stakeholder communication; stakeholder engagement techniques; stakeholder management effectiveness tools and methods; specialized business vernacular. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Owns the delivery of project activity and tasks assigned by others. Supports process updates and changes. Solves simple business issues. Demonstrate functional knowledge of the business unit/organization being supported.

Data and Digital Literacy Possesses knowledge of: Data collection modes, techniques, and tools; existing and upcoming digital applications and systems; data governance; To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Gathers and interprets data, information, and content in a digital environment. Analyzes and creates reports using existing models/templates. Leverages technology to execute transactional activities. Reviews data across systems to ensure completeness and applies data quality checks.. Suggests tasks that can be automated using technology (for example, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, cloud-based applications.

EHS Training Delivery Possesses knowledge of: Training methodologies; training content development processes; organizational training lifecycles. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Supports the activities of instructors or learning facilitator in training programs. Manages systematic approaches to solicit feedback from training participants. Utilizes the organization's training lifecycles and methodologies to support training initiatives. Maintains repositories of benchmarks and best practices of training delivery for instructors and facilitators to leverage. Explains relevant processes and procedures to contractors.

Influential Communication Possesses knowledge of: Verbal/nonverbal behaviors; applications and allocation of business communication styles/techniques in ambiguous and challenging situations; situational awareness; communication channels/mediums; interpersonal skills and universal relationship building with ability to connect seemingly unconnected parties. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Organizes thoughts and communicates credibly and concisely within scope of work. Presents to and influences team members and business partners, conveying messages through a basic understanding of the relevant context. Utilizes relevant data and fact-based information to articulate results and provide recommendations in a structured manner. Actively listens to others, seeks and provides constructive feedback, and provides ideas/recommendations on processes. Proactively builds professional network.

Process Improvement Possesses knowledge of: To be able to carry out the following the following responsibilities: Supports for the implementation of process improvement strategies for assigned area. Understands the key processes within assigned business area to identify gaps in processes. Leverages an understanding of processes to suggest process improvement strategies. Participates in investigations and root cause analysis. Leads incident investigations and root cause analysis under the supervision of intermediate or advanced leaders.

Environmental Protection Possesses knowledge of: Environmental policies and procedures; applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations involving the environment; To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Demonstrates awareness of basic environmental regulations, regulatory compliance requirements, and enforcement activities. Receives and redirects inquiries sent by regulatory bodies to the appropriate contacts. Implements Walmart's established environmental policies and procedures. Contributes to the achievement of established targets utilizing control procedures that have been put in place by the organization. Promotes environmental issues within the organization.

Operational Excellence Possesses knowledge of: Organizational processes; root cause analysis techniques; department workflows; Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and One Best Way (OBW) processes. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Explains the operational functions and key functional roles of assigned department or unit. Clarifies the role of each department and its relevance to the enterprise strategy. Describes the interdependence of support functions and line operating functions. Identifies the primary operational functions of the organization. Understands where to locate and how to read SOP and OBW information. Locates information regarding fundamental practices and policies. Lists common tasks and activities performed by operations functions and subfunctions.

Complies with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity by implementing related action plans; using the Open Door Policy; and applying these in executing business processes and practices.

Completes work assignments and priorities by using policies, data, and resources; collaborating with managers, co-workers, customers, and other business partners; identifying priorities, deadlines, and expectations; carrying out tasks; communicating progress and information; determining and recommending ways to address improvement opportunities; and adapting to and learning from change, difficulties, and feedback.

Customer/Member Centered: Serve the Customer/Member : Shows care and concern when serving our customers/members. Asks questions in order to understand customer/member needs. Uses policies and information in order to exceed customer/member expectations. Finds and uses the right resources (people, products, tools) at the right time in order to resolve customer/member requests.

Judgment: Make Effective Choices : Uses policies, procedures, and/or guides to make good choices. Uses data and facts in order to make day-to-day decisions and involves others as needed. Recognizes what might be a problem and informs those who can correct it.

Planning and Improvement: Plan for and Improve Work : Accepts responsibility and meets expectations for own work. Identifies steps needed in order to carry out work as required.

Influence and Communicate: Share Information : Listens to others and asks questions to learn about what is needed. Communicates the right information to associates and leaders when they need it. Communicates in a respectful and professional manner.

Execution and Results: Get Results : Makes sure work is done correctly. Works on top priorities first. Makes a consistent effort to get results. Meets deadlines. Takes action in order to solve problems so work can be completed in a timely manner.

Ethics and Compliance: Perform to Ethical Standards : Follows company policies and procedures (for example, the Ten Foot Rule). Shows integrity and ethical behavior in all work situations. Reports ethical and compliance issues promptly.

Adaptability: Adapt : Adapts to changing work demands. Stays focused on own work when faced with change or difficulties. Stays open to and learns from assignments and feedback.

At Sam's Club, we offer competitive pay as well as performance-based bonus awards and other great benefits for a happier mind, body, and wallet!

- Health benefits include medical, vision and dental coverage

- Financial benefits include 401(k), stock purchase and company-paid life insurance

- Paid time off benefits include PTO, parental leave, family care leave, bereavement, jury duty, and voting. You will also receive PTO and/or PPTO that can be used for vacation, sick leave, holidays, or other purposes. The amount you receive depends on your job classification and length of employment. It will meet or exceed the requirements of paid sick leave laws, where applicable.

For information about PTO, see https://one.walmart.com/notices.

- Other benefits include short-term and long-term disability, company discounts, Military Leave Pay, adoption and surrogacy expense reimbursem*nt, and more.

Live Better U is a company paid education benefit program for full-time and part-time associates in Walmart and Sam's Club facilities. Programs range from high school completion to bachelor's degrees, including English Language Learning and short-form certificates. Tuition, books, and fees are completely paid for by Walmart.

Eligibility requirements apply to some benefits and may depend on your job classification and length of employment. Benefits are subject to change and may be subject to a specific plan or program terms.

For information about benefits and eligibility, see One.Walmart.

The hourly wage range for this position is $21.05-$24.55*

*The actual hourly rate will equal or exceed the required minimum wage applicable to the job location.

Additional compensation in the form of premiums may be paid in amounts ranging from $0.35 per hour to $3.00 per hour in specific circ*mstances. Premiums may be based on schedule, facility, season, or specific work performed. Multiple premiums may apply if applicable criteria are met.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

6 months experience as a Walmart associate OR 1 year's work experience or coursework in criminal justice, loss prevention/asset protection, safety, compliance, or security-related field (for example, Military, Public Safety, Compliance, Criminal Justice)

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Microsoft Office Suite; SharePoint and OneDrive, Work experience or coursework in criminal justice, loss prevention/asset protection, safety, compliance, or security-related field (for example, Military, Public Safety, Compliance, Criminal Justice).

Primary Location...

2200 Charleston Regional Pkwy, Charleston, SC 29492-8228, United States of America

(USA) Asset Protection Associate - All DC/FC (2024)


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