TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Monday, July 01, 2024 – [Part 1]  (2024)

Listen to the words that I’m speaking lifetime of wealth transfer to the believers know somebody ready I can hear through the speakers IQD revival evaluation waiting I’m patient and impatiently waiting to be patient.

We really know we need it you gotta believe it ain’t no time to be conceited this flesh life I cherish like the air that I’m breathing no breathing listen to the words that I’ll speak it lifetime of wealth transfer to the believer know somebody ready I can hear through the speakers IQD revaluation wait, what if it’s a patient I’m patient and impatiently waiting to be patient. Let’s go. Getting ready for the rv we getting ready for the rv we getting ready for the rv we getting ready for the rv? Getting ready for the rv then we getting ready for the rv.

Expect for bank fees to exchange.

If you go into the teller, expect the regular fees. If you’re going to. If you want to your exchange, then your fees will be negotiable about based on what you have, but it’s not going to be anything near what they’re paying at the tower. And sometimes there will be no fees based on whatever else you do.

Okay, a done. Which years for the IDR are they accepting for exchange? The current one. I don’t know what is, but if it’s in current circulation and you can go online and look up which IDR is a current circulation and then you know which ones you can buy.

Now I don’t have his speech, so I don’t know if he said it. I don’t know if he said in his speech, but there was a paragraph. So I’m trying to think that I read today that said it was part of his speech where he actually said it. So I would think that’s it.

And the fact that everybody is right at this moment being ultra, ultra quiet, everybody and almost every level leads me to think that it did go and should go. Not this evening, by tomorrow. That’s what it leaves me to think because it’s so quiet and they’re still saying it’s happening. Now again, last week the banks said it already happened, just in case you hadn’t Saturday the three letter agencies are saying, hey man, it happened on the 24th.

We’re just waiting for it to go. And everybody’s been waiting ever since then. So it happening or the man prepared for happening is not what we’ve been waiting for. We’re just waiting for the trigger to go.

what’s next

DP Win says, did the performance of last week’s presidential debate throw a monkey wrench in this evaluation process?

No, the performance didn’t throw monkey wrench in anything. I don’t think the rv process hindered on that. Now, if you want to know what it did affect, because it did, it affected our relation with Iraq, it affected our relations with Iran. It affected what’s going on in Lebanon because, and this is just truthful, you guys read it and look at it for yourself.

Biden did terrible. If you don’t believe me, call his office nigg* terrible. But so did Trump. But Iran, Iraq, everybody else actually went on defense and online because of the things that he said.

It heightened their alert status. They moved in close to Lebanon. They’re preparing for, which they weren’t three weeks ago, but they’re now preparing for Trump and a new administration who they think is in the win to put all the sanctions back on them, to sanction their banks, to sanction their people and do everything else that was there. So will that change things?

Yeah, if Biden doesn’t get it done, it’s definitely going to change things because they see that and they’re going to fight it yet again if that happens. So. But they announced that already. They’re preparing for that, for the worst, for our relationship to go to the worst.

But in doing that, they’re doing things in Iraq today. And as somebody pointed out to me today, the top judicial official, the top judicial official in Iraq is iranian. So this morning, the new ambassador, along with what they think will be coming after them if I Trump is back in office. That’s what they’re saying.

Okay. So that’s where we’re at. As far as, if you know, what came out of debate so far, that’s the only thing that actually came out of it that we need to know about. But nothing about the GCR itself.

second question

I called in last week and I have relatives in two other states and collectively we have 40 million, but they don’t have collectively enough to get the higher rates. When I’m negotiating to get the higher rates, do they have to be with me or can they stay in their states, which is Illinois and Colorado, and can I negotiate and say, hey, these two other families, you know, need I want, I want them to get the higher rate also, or do they have to be sitting with me when I go to the back?

Well, you’re saying you would have them present or at least have their currency.

You broke up a lot on that. I’m hoping that when I relist, that’s okay.

Okay. What was the question, though? I heard Ray trying to answer. What was your question?

Do the people have to be in the room with you?

Yeah, I have family members that I’m trying to negotiate a higher rate and they’re in two other states. And do I have to have them with me in order to get the higher rates, negotiate with them or can I somehow, you know, ask them to include them in, you know, the rate, the higher rate, even though they’re not with me at the moment.

Okay. I don’t think you’re going to be able to include people in other states. I don’t think because they’re processing you and your agreement is going right then and raise. Right.

they’re not going to rely on maybe this guy from New York flies to detectives or this guy from Florida. I can only do what’s in front of me. So I’m telling you what I’m doing. I’m going to negotiate.

They can be sitting in the parking lot if they’re not sitting in the office, I’m taking them all with me. And I said, oh, no, they’re right here. It’s right here. We doing this right now.

If you want to do it. Now if I’m. Guys, I’m going to my 800 appointment now. It’s different if, like me, I’m forming a group and they’re going to tell me beforehand, this is what’s going to be required if you need to be here or don’t be here.

It’s different from just you forming your own group walking in there. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. Here’s your appointment.

A, but I got all this additional people do what racing say. Well, where is it? Cuz I don’t see it. See that blue car out there?

That black is sitting right there. You want me to have them come in so we can get this done and we can get it done, but they’re not gonna be even make an agreement, I don’t think. If it’s not there in front of them or they can have access to it before they sign that contract. I wouldn’t do it and you wouldn’t do it.

As far as the gazette is concerned and the budget, so we know things are moving behind the scenes, but technically we still haven’t really seeing the gazette, the budget go into the gazette and the gazette made official or public or whatever. So do you think technically that’s why we haven’t seen this? Even though behind the scenes something else can be going on? Is that why they haven’t released it to the public yet?

I’m talking about the RV.

So I just got off the phone. I just got off the phone. He said the budget is done. It’s in the gazette.

All the ATM’s are loaded, ready to go. The WTO is just a formality. On 18. He said it’s already done.

We’re already in there and this thing could go at any moment. This is in Iraq is what they’re being told. And it’s still being explained to them today. He doesn’t know really what they’re waiting for anymore.

We do. But you said it’s gonna be way before the 18th. I can tell you that. And that’s just a ceremony that they’re doing on the 18th and everybody knows that is there right now.

I think it be probably released tonight or tomorrow, but maybe not. Okay. As far as the rest of the world seeing it because the rate is in there, they’re not going to see it until they announced the rate.

They’re not gonna see it until they announced the rate. But normally they announce the rate when the gazette is kind of published.

So how does that work?

Normally they do all the time when it’s published then yeah, but this is unusual circ*mstance. So I don’t know how it works anymore. But that’s how it’s working. It is there.

They’re going to see it. It has been put in the gazette. It just hasn’t been published yet for the whole world to see.

so my last question is, when they say in your opinion you may have an answer. If not, I understand, but when they say it has happened, but yet the button has not been pushed, what does it have happened to you?

What does that mean? Does it mean that they finished everything? The higher ups have done everything they need to do and it’s happened, but yet the RV is not for the public to take advantage of yet.

Is that pretty much, that’s pretty much it. If everybody seeing it has happened, it’s in the system, it’s waiting for the go. That means everybody’s approved it, they’ve agreed the numbers change. So I’m switching from system a to system b.

It’s only what moment, date and time am I going to do that? Because everything in this system is now ready to go, approved to go. We don’t know what moment in time they were selected.

Okay, all right, well I’m sticking two questions, but those are my, I guess you say, confusion of what? I need an answer. Okay, thank you guys. Y’all have a good day.

All right, so simply, guys, for years now we’ve been waiting for laws to be passed, agreements to be made, systems to be developed, and they’re saying they completed all that. We’re all done with that. This new system is ready to go. It has a new rate in it and at some point, in time, and maybe it’s just reeducating the people.

I don’t know what it is, but that’s what they’re doing right now. This guy saying the ATM’s are loaded. He just said that 15 minutes ago with the lower denominations and if I told you who he was, every one of you would believe me because he’s somebody who knows. So, I’ll just tell you that part is done and they’re not going to do that and wait till September to announce RV.

So that’s done. The bank done. The banks have the rates on their screen. They just don’t have a go.

So there’s not much more we can wait for. Everybody else approved it. That’s why they keep saying it’s done is done. In the three letter agency who said it was done?

He said it was actually done on the 24th. That’s what he said. Was it yesterday or Friday? Anyway, he said it’s been done.

We just trying to get to this moment whenever it is. And that’s why what we’ve been told this morning, there’s a lot of three letter agency people long that have walked off their post or they’re now gone because they know it’s done. All right, who’s next?

Seven three one area coat.

You’re on.

no, because she said we won’t see it till September now. So what do you think? What’s the like view?

I don’t know how smart she is that she said, you want to start with, and we’re in July.

I mean, for it in Iraq to start with.

A question for you.

Does the HCL have to be passed in order for this thing to go? I guess not. But I just want to ask that question to you.

Absolutely nothing.

And then with the WTO, we don’t have anything to worry about the WTO, because I think you kind of clarified that already. It’s done. We’re just waiting for the, for the trigger point.

Correct. Right. So they’ve been saying since May that Iraq was part of the WTO. Right.

Okay. End of April, 1, part of May, he’s been saying, yes, they are, but it’s going to be formally announced on the 18th. He said that’s all that is. Formally announcement.

But they’ve been part of the WTO, so. Oh, wait a minute. I’m getting the most important part. They’re going to announce it on the 18th because he says they now have a currency nominal value.

I think I forgot the exact words. See I forgot to tell you guys the whole thing, but it was because they now have a currency anyway that fits into the plan. But that’s not how he said it. I think he said abnormal value.

That’s why they’re going to formally announce it on the 18th. Okay.

TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Monday, July 01, 2024 – [Part 1]  (2024)


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