TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Friday, June 28, 2024 – [Part 1]  (2024)

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[Part 1] While the bank people are talking to us, while the IMF, the secret service, the treasury, the Fed, all these different bank people contacted me, want to give me information, want to tell me what’s going on.

So if we can do it the very first day, first hour, and the bankers are giving me a minute, I’m gonna try and give you information right before you go to the bank. But along the way, as you go to the bank and you complete yours, you come back and give me, put it in the chat room, send me an email, call me. You guys are, hey, these are my numbers. And they don’t have to be exact, because some of you feel, you know, signed the NDA.

I had 5 million and I got $5.28. You can easily say, you know, I had over 4 million, but not 5 million. I got $4 something between 496 and 505.

I’ll be getting it from enough people that I can see what’s really going on. Now, I’m also gonna get it from the bankers we’re gonna tell, but I’m gonna take what they tell me and what you’re actually going through, and we’re gonna each one, reach one, teach one, because as I said, last call, it doesn’t hurt. You got yours, they’re gonna get theirs, and we’re all gonna come together and some other places and make even more money. That’s my hope.

Mike Smith sent me the investment climate statements, custom report from the US Department of state.

Foreign exchange and remittances. Foreign exchange. It explains to us exactly where and I’ll see it. It says right there, there are no taxes or subsidies on purchases or sales of foreign exchange.

The currency of Iraq is a Dinar. Here’s the important part. There are no taxes or subsidies on the purchase or sales of foreign exchange. It’s in black and white on the government site that you can go and see for yourself, for yourself that you can take to your tax man, your money advisor to anybody else.

It specifically says IQD VND. Right. I did see this over oh, Iraq and Vietnam Custom. Negative summary.

They had a whole thing here on the State Department site. Let me see. Oh, he said Joseph found it for him but he sent it to me. Go to customs report excerpts on Iraq at the US State Department.

But I got it in the mail so you guys know it is there. That’s the information you want. That’s where people want to see it in black and white where it says that Dinar will not be taxed. It’s on US State Department site.

You probably would have missed it if I tell you that Iraq is ready to party. It’s all over their television, their news information. Zidane’s putting out how the dinar is worth more than the dollar. They tell them about the ATM machines that the lord, the denominations are in, the machines they’re telling them about.

This weekend is going to be a change. So they’re excited. In Iraq, here in the bank, even tier two and tier three banks have now been notified that the dinar is exchangeable. As of this morning, they’ve been notified.

We’re ready to go. Banks did a practice run.

They did a practice run yesterday, day before. Their biggest issue so far is people just walking in the bank with bags of money, not having it separated, not having it counted, not even knowing what they have, and just dropped it on desk as they went through. And some of the money was even molded, if it’s been molded, even buried in the backyard, stuck it down, and they just brought it in and dropped it on the desk.

That’s not what they want, guys. You shouldn’t even go and present something like that. Here’s my bag of money. How much do I have?

You should know what you have. You should have your dinar in one pile, dong in one part for your own good, not just for them, but they want it so they can get you in, get you out. You got a bunch of money all balled up, stuck in the bag, and then want them to treat you like a professional.

A bunch of people got emails yesterday from wealth managers telling them that it’s real, it’s going to happen. Come see me. People went in yesterday, they showed him the screen.

And they’re anticipating this thing like crazy again, not just tier one bank here to our. From a tier three bank this morning, we got the ghost. Well, we didn’t get the goat, that the system is ready. And they’ve been told this happening, and they’re ready.

They’re waiting for the goat, but it is there. She can see it on the screen. So that’s how close we are.

So Jim is right. He said a section six document, first only to Iraq. It doesn’t say the other currency is included. There’s no saying about the other currency except for that’s the customs report if you go to. Because he sent me one that has the VND.

All right. Customers for Iraq and Vietnam. It is section six. If you look at the link up there, it says Iraq executive summary, but in the currencies above, because I haven’t read through the whole thing, it says Iraq and Vietnam.

So Vietnam must be on another page in here, which I didn’t go through the whole thing, but it does say that two is bilateral investment agreements and taxation treaties. So you guys have to read through it. But I’m looking at it right here. It says Iraq in Vietnam right on the page.

Well, so you want to take your other currencies, get all you can get, then go back and buy dinar at the current rate is what you’re telling me, and then do what? You’re not going to get 28, 50 foot or are you by that bank that’s only going to be to that what was bought prior to. Nobody’s going to sell you a million dinar for $5 million and then say, bring it back tomorrow and I give you $28 million. That is not going to happen.

Now what you can do is do your exchange, go on forex and invest in dinar, okay? With any investment company, there’s not the physical nor that’s on forex. As a rate goes up, exchange your scenario. Just, just think about your scenario.

Think what you just said. Okay, so Danny wouldn’t have $7 billion. He’d have $70 billion or $7 trillion. He got enough money to do what you’re thinking about doing.

A guy that they call it, he has $20 billion worth. Well, they let him do what you say. What did he do now? He’s worth more than Elon Musk, right?

Amazon, Tesla put together because he went and bought all that. Because there’s no limited amount you can buy on forex. It’s up to you. This thing, if I go out by a billion dollars worth of dinar for.

I changed my denominator. All right, first of all, are they going to give it to me? No, not physical. That you go in.

If it’s on Forex, no bank in the world is going to give you $28 for something. Forex is trading for $5 or $8 because it’s on forex. You don’t have the physical currency to do that. So, no, I don’t think you can get away with it.

But you know what I also think none beats a failure but a try. So go ahead and try. All right.

All right. Jim. Mar 69 says, is it wrong to use the zip code for the bank? I want instead of where I live?

There is a 15 miles difference.

They don’t answer that. They ask you for your zip code. That’s what they ask you for.

TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Friday, June 28, 2024 – [Part 1]  (2024)


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