Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (2024)

While crudité platters and charcuterie boards are certainly something to write home about, few things can rival a hot appetizer. From freshly baked dips to hors d'oeuvres that have been battered and fried, there's something extra comforting about an appetizer that's served warm.

The best part about hot starter dishes is that many can be prepared ahead of time and baked just before they need to be served—which saves you time on the day of your event. But the main criteria of any appetizer (beyond being easy to prepare) is that it tastes delicious—and the recipes highlighted in this gallery fit the bill. From gooey cheese dips and crisp toasts to baked skewers and crunchy spring rolls, the hot appetizers on this list will be a hit with your guests.

27 Quick and Easy Appetizers That Make Entertaining a Breeze

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Mozzarella-Stuffed Garlic-and-Herb Bread

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (1)

Cheesy, herby, doughy—what's not to love about this perfect pull-apart bread? Dough is loaded with thinly sliced mozzarella, then sprinkled with garlic, Italian seasoning, fresh parsley, sesame seeds, and grated Parmigiano. It's essentially stuffed-crust pizza, without the pizza.

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Queso Fundido

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (2)

While guacamole and salsa are tasty, few things compare to dipping your tortilla chips into a hot plate of melted cheese. This vegetarian queso, which is made with two types of cheese (mozzarella and goat), is bubbling and ready-to-eat after just 10 minutes in the oven.

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Hot Spinach Dip

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (3)

The ingredients for this dip are all cooked in one pot. First the onion and garlic are sautéed, then the spinach is wilted, then the sauce is made. Once that's done, simply transfer the ingredient to a baking dish, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, and bake. It's that easy.

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Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (4)

Our take on the deep-fried Filipino spring rolls is stuffed with a mixture of tofu, shrimp, garlic, scallions, celery, and mung bean sprouts, and served with a vinegar-garlic dipping sauce. The best part? They can be assembled up to a month in advance and stored in the freezer.

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Chorizo, Parsnip, and Olive Bites

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (5)

The trick to these crowd-pleasing skewers? The perfect balance of flavors. Roasted parsnips, dried chorizo, and Castelvetrano olives fit the bill beautifully.

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Gluten-Free Potato Latkes

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (6)

We've swapped out flour for potato starch to make these Hanukkah favorites gluten-free. They're just as delicious, especially when paired with one of our irresistible toppings: honey pomegranate, creme fraiche with pear and cinnamon, and beet and salmon with horseradish.

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Persimmon and Brie Crostini

You don't need much to make persimmons and Brie shine—just toasted baguette slices, a sprinkling of sugar and freshly ground black pepper, and a quick turn under the broiler.

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Romesco-and-Bucheron Dip

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (8)

Bucheron is a ripened goat cheese with a fluffy, lemony center and edible white rind. It makes a delicious foil for romesco, the classic almond-and-red pepper sauce hailing from Spain.

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Sweet-and-Sour Korean co*cktail Meatballs

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (9)

These bite-size meatballs are given their depth of flavor from Gochujang. The sweet-spicy fermented chili paste is amped up with ginger, garlic, ketchup, rice vinegar, and sesame oil.

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Spicy Shrimp Dip

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (10)

Tender shrimp, fiery serrano chiles, and plenty of fresh lime juice and cilantro take this creamy dip to the next level. A crunchy panko topping is the perfect finishing touch.

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Fried Macaroni-and-Cheese Bites

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (11)

How do you take a classic white-cheddar mac and cheese from good to great? Deep-fry it! These bites will be the first to disappear at any party, guaranteed.

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Bacon-Wrapped Peppadew Poppers

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (12)

A three-ingredient wonder! Thin slices of bacon enclose delectable little packages of Peppadew peppers stuffed with cream cheese.

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Antipasti Pizza

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (13)

Top these mini pizzas with olives, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, and red-pepper flakes. You can use store-bought or homemade dough to make this scrumptious appetizer.

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Ham-and-Spinach Dip

Black Forest ham and Manchego cheese make this hot spinach dip extra rich. To save time, use frozen spinach in place of fresh. This appetizer can be assembled up to eight hours in advance and baked off shortly before you're ready to serve it.

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Clams and Oysters Casino

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (15)

Pancetta, garlic, bell pepper, vermouth, and cheesy herb breadcrumbs dress up clams and oysters on the half shell. Broil just until crisp and golden brown, then serve on a platter lined with rock salt to wow your guests.

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Polenta Squares With Wild Mushrooms and Fontina

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (16)

If you make the polenta squares in advance, putting the rest of this dish together is a breeze. Just sprinkle with fontina, top with mixed mushrooms tossed with shallots and thyme, and roast.

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Fondue Bites

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (17)

Everyone loves fondue, but it's tricky to make for a big group. We've transformed the crowd-pleasing dish into a killer utensil-free appetizer by dolloping the cheese sauce into bread cups and topping with cornichons.

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Baked Lemon and Feta Artichoke Dip

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (18)

This might be the easiest appetizer on the block. Surround feta with artichoke hearts, oregano, and lemon peel, then douse the whole lot in olive oil and heat through. It's fast and delicious!

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Sausage-Cheddar Balls

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (19)

While these look like meatballs, they’re really bite-size biscuits generously studded with sausage and cheddar cheese. Serve them with your choice of dipping sauces, such as mustard or barbecue sauce.

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Fried Mozzarella

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (20)

A favorite pub snack goes upscale when you coat bocconcini (bite-size fresh mozzarella balls) in panko breadcrumbs. Accompany them with a dish of warm tomato sauce for dipping.

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Pancetta-Wrapped Figs

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (21)

Simmer dried figs in spiced red-wine vinegar to make them plump and tangy, then wrap in pancetta and bake. Serve them with Campari, Gin, and Orange co*cktails—a twist on the negroni.

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Artichoke Turnovers

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (22)

The cheesy, lemon-kissed artichoke mixture in these pastry pockets is inspired by a holiday classic, hot artichoke dip. Serve them with Rosemary Vodka Tonics.

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Pomegranate-Fontina Rice Balls

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (23)

Fried breadcrumb-coated rice balls, also known as arancini, are a popular Italian appetizer. Here, juicy little pomegranate seeds offset the richness of the Parmesan and fontina cheeses.

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Chesapeake Crab Cakes

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (24)

Crab cakes might be the ultimate luxe appetizer. Serve them warm alongside a refreshing celery and cucumber salad dressed with lime juice.

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Bacon-Wrapped Potatoes

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (25)

This recipe couldn’t be easier: Simply wrap strips of bacon around baby potatoes and bake until the spuds are tender. Serve them with mustard or Lemon Aioli if you like.

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Goat Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (26)

Goat cheese seasoned with garlic, parsley, and red-pepper flakes is stuffed into button mushroom caps, topped with fresh breadcrumbs, and baked until lightly browned. This easy appetizer recipe can be customized to your liking—consider adding bacon, shallots, chopped olives, or toasted nuts.

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Baked Brie With Pecans

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (27)

This easy holiday appetizer begins with a wheel of Brie or Camembert, baked until soft. A combination of maple syrup and toasted pecans makes a sweet and crunchy topping.

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Croquettes With Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese

Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (28)

Manchego cheese sauce mixed with chopped serrano ham is cooled so that it can be formed into balls. The mixture is then dipped in beaten egg and breadcrumbs and fried until golden, creating tapas that are warm and creamy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

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Hot Appetizer Recipes You Need for Your Next Party (2024)


What is the hottest appetizer trend? ›

Dumplings, spring rolls, tempura and other Asian appetizers beyond egg rolls are having their star moment – even in non-ethnic restaurants.

How many appetizers do I need for 25 guests? ›

Quantity. A good rule of thumb when working with your caterer on just how many hors d'oeuvres to choose is as follows: for 10 – 12 guests a minimum of 5 selections, 25 guests a minimum of 9 selections and for 50 guests, a minimum of 13 selections.

What is the simplest appetizer that gives an attractive appearance? ›

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – are the simplest appetizer. Fruits are good appetizers because they give an attractive appearance, fragrance, appealing taste and delicious flavor. For example, you could serve a platter of thinly sliced cucumbers, chunks of red bell pepper and baby carrots.

How to keep appetizers warm at a party? ›

Chafing dishes are ideal for a buffet-style service. They provide consistent warmth and are durable for entertaining. Tip: Fill the chafing dish with hot water to help maintain the temperature of the food. Tip: Use denatured alcohol as a fuel source to keep the chafing dish hot during the party.

What are hot entrees examples? ›

They are typically more substantial and filling than cold entrees and are often the centerpiece of a meal. Examples of hot entrees include grilled meats, stews, soups, roasted vegetables, and pasta dishes.

What are good appetizers to buy for a party? ›

11 Store-Bought Appetizers Our Editors Turn To For Easy...
  • Taylor Farms Sweet Kale Chopped Salad Kit.
  • Publix Deli Chicken Breast Dip, Buffalo Style.
  • Trader Joe's Pastry Bites Feta Cheese & Caramelized Onions.
  • The Fresh Market Take & Bake Brie.
  • Publix Deli Artichoke & Spinach Dip.
Feb 19, 2023

What food to bring to a party as a guest? ›

What dishes should you bring to a party?
  • Party vol-au-vents. Despite the trend for mini burgers, individual bowls of stew and other such bijou party food, retro vol-au-vents are a timeless classic. ...
  • Pies. ...
  • Salads and sides. ...
  • Terrine and pâté ...
  • Infused vodka. ...
  • Pulled pork. ...
  • Pastry bites. ...
  • Big dishes.

What's the difference between appetizers and hors d'oeuvres? ›

Time Eaten: Hors d'oeuvres are typically served before the meal even begins, while appetizers tend to indicate the beginning of the meal. An hors d'oeuvre isn't considered to be part of the meal, but appetizers are usually chosen specifically to complement the following courses.

What is the new trend in appetizers? ›

What street foods are starting to pick up steam in the appetizer category? Bao buns from China, empanadas from Spain, falafel from the Middle East, and crepes from France are all rising in popularity. Look to these for inspiration for next-level appetizers that will truly delight adventurous consumers.

Are there the simplest appetizer? ›

Explanation: Fresh Fruits and vegetables are the simplest appetizer.

What is the most popular food trend? ›

Plant-based foods have been rising in popularity for years, but now, mushrooms have taken center stage among culinary trends. In fact, the Mushroom Council has identified almost 50 articles naming this vegetable the “it” ingredient for 2024.

What snack is trending right now? ›

Over half of surveyed consumers state that they prefer snacks with high protein content. Nuts, trail mixes, and seeds (41% market share) are leading the global health and wellness snack market, followed by protein bars (20%).

What is the difference between a hot appetizer and a hot hors d oeuvre? ›

Any hors d'oeuvre or appetizer can be any of those things. The big difference is the portions, the time it's eaten, the quantity served, the purpose, and the method. Appetizers come in bigger portions, meant to tide you over till a meal, but they're not easy to eat while walking and talking like hors d'oeuvres.


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