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After Charlie ran out the door, he realized that Claire didn’t go far. She was crouching in the corner of apillar, sobbing in grievance.

He approached slowly, took his coat off, draped it on Claire and said, “Dear, don’t be sad. The directorof Wilson Group is just a mediocre position, you can do better than that…”

“No, you don’t understand. If I become the director, my parents will be able to stand upright in thefamily again. How could Grandma go back on her word…” Claire whimpered dejectedly.

Charlie continued, “Who knows? Maybe they’ll come begging you to become the director. Look at youwith your cry baby face, you won’t be pretty when you go on stage later…”

“No way, it’s impossible. Grandma has already made the announcement, there’s no turning back. Yougo ahead, get back inside. Let me be alone…”

At this moment, Lady Wilson and Harold ran out of the hall too. The old lady was huffing and puffingafter running, with a large crowd of busy bodies behind her to watch the drama unfold.

Harold saw Charlie and Claire the minute he stepped outside. He hurried forward, looked down atClaire whose face was covered in tears, and blurred anxiously, “Claire, hurry up and pursue MissYoung, ask her not to terminate our contract!”

Claire stared at him in a daze. “Terminate our contract? Why?”

Harold growled indignantly, Stop pretending! It must be you who had instructed Miss Young toembarrass me in front of everyone! If you don’t settle this, I won’t let you go!”

Slap! Lady Wilson slapped Harold Again and chided angrily, “How Could you talk to your sister like that,you bastard! She is the director of our Wilson Group!”

Harold stomped anxiously.”Grandma… didn’t you say that you want me to be the director?”

“If it wasn’t for you brainwashing me, why would I Have changed my mind suddenly? If you continue tobehave like this, get out of the Wilson family!”

Harold was extremely outraged after being slapped twice, but this was not the moment for him to burstin fury. He could only swallow his irritation.

Lady Wilson turned to Claire and persuaded her. “Claire, please, I beg you. You are now the director ofthe Wilson family, please explain it to Miss Young. Otherwise, we’re completely ruined!”

Claire looked at Charlie inconfusion.

Charlie shrugged and said, “I told you they’d come and beg you to be the director, and you didn’tbelieve me. See, your makeup is smeared now…”

Claire blushed timidly. She wiped her tears before saying, “Then I’ll try to contact Emgrand.”

She took out her phone and called Doris. All eyes were on her right now.

After a short while, her call was answered. She started, “Hello, Miss Young, my grandmother would likeme to explain to you that I’ll be promoted to the director of Wilson Group and also in charge of theproject with Emgrand Group. I hope you can give us another chance…”

Doris said with a chuckle, “Of course, if you’re the director and the person in charge of the project, thenthere’s no problem, we can proceed. But if another person is appointed for the job, everything will beoff the table…”

“Miss Young…thank you, thank you so much…”

Claire felt puzzled and bewildered about the whole thing. From the beginning, it seemed that EmgrandGroup was there to help her entirely, which was bizarrely unusual.

Doris said with a smile, “It’s all my chairman’s idea. Perhaps he’ll explain it to you personally in the nearfuture….”

Claire was even more bewildered. Who was the chairman anyway? She had never met him, but whydid he help her everywhere he could?

“So, could you please return to the hall again?” Claire asked nervously.

Apparently, Doris had left the hall because she was irritated by the family. It was a bit forceful andshameful to invite her back to the banquet. Unexpectedly, Doris agreed decisively. Soon, Doris’s carreturned to the hotel entrance that sent a shock wave across the crowd. At this moment, everyone’sgases were filled with awe and fear as they looked at Claire.

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Chapter 22 - The Charismatic Charlie Wade | Novel Square (2024)


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